I wanted to share with you the recent success we are seeing from our continuing education group that is meeting regularly to work through the AFSB course. John Drummey and Debbie Lindstrom of Wells Fargo Insurance Services and Lizzy Shea (Heath) and Tim Larson of CNA Surety all passed the AFSB 153 course on Commercial Surety! Those individual are now moving on to AFSB 152 – Contract Surety.

As September is the back to school month we want to remind everyone of our study group and if you have individuals in any stage of the AFSB course that would like to learn more about the group or have questions about what the AFSB course entails please have them contact Tim Larson at (206) 587-2064 or email him: timothy.larson@cnasurety.com

I would also like to again thank Tim for volunteering to coordinate this study group and his ongoing leadership with the group.

Thank you,
Brian Daniels
President – SAW

Course Sequence Information

The Institute recommends taking the AFSB 151 first and to take CPCU 540 before AFSB 152.

AFSB exams are offered at Institute-approved on-site testing locations and at Prometric Testing Centers. Contact your education coordinator for further information about on-site testing availability. AFSB exams consist of 85 objective questions, and examinees have two hours to complete each exam. See individual CPCU courses for their specific exam information.

We encourage the formation of groups to discuss the material of each course and to help one another prepare to sit for each exam. Presently, the following are studying for an exam, as designated below.

Should you wish to study together for any of the following exams, please contact the SAW Education Coordinator to provide you with the necessary information.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these programs or want more information, please reach out to Timothy Larson (206-587-2064) from CNA Surety.

AFSB Continuing Education Success